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About Anniversary Ring

Previous Entry Anniversary Ring May. 22nd, 2008 @ 01:50 am Next Entry
Hi all

Like many others I got my Anniversary Ring. Nice little helper that is.
After struggling for quite some time to level my SAM I got hooked up by a DRG with a PL and we duo'd for hours.
Together with him I used 6 charges of the Ring.
The next day I got a normal Party and used my remaining charges of the Ring.

The Ring is empty but I'm happy now: Samurai 37 - Yay! And that in two days. Thats quite a record for me.
SAM is really fun and I might level it more after im done with my DRK, thats why I took on SAM in the frist place.

DRK/SAM sounds really interesting. Right now im Dark Knight 42 and im looking forward to 50 to get Hasso. :D
Zanshin is also a very nice Job trait. Meditate will have to wait some time thou but it will be a big help.

Also got the "Bronze Moogle Belt" from the event NPCs.

What do you think about the Mog Bonanza lottery event? I got 40 tickets, using my mules of course.
Knowing my luck I will win: Nothing! xD

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