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Tidal Talisman

At the end of November my Tidal Talisman arrived.
It looks quite nice and I like it. The only downside is that the
"chain" has actually no closing piece like a hook or a grabber.
The in-game item looks damn cool and has a flashing shiny point
that will flash every two seconds.

This items allows you to teleport each 40 hours between various predefined places.
That means in order to use the teleport you must be in one of the
allowed starting points.

It goes like this:
Three Nations to Jeuno
Jeuno to Kazham
Kazham to Jeuno
Selbina to Mhaura
Mhaura to Selbina
Whitegate to Nashmau
Nashmau to Whitegate

Quite a number of possible teleports that once more ease the traveling around
Vanadiel. If you got like me a 70+ WHM and BLM then you got already the Tele-,
Warp and Retrace spell which makes traveing extremely fast.
I often use the Tidal Talisman to quickly jump to Kazham for partying there
so the other members dont need to wait for me by the Airship.

Was it worth the money? Hey, Im a geek/nerd/otaku! Of course it was. ;)

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