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Jul. 18th, 2005 @ 12:12 am

Well I don't post here very often, if ever, but I feel this needs to be addressed by SE. below is an E-mail I have sent to SE regarding teleports. Please read this, and comment your feelings about this. If you agree that this would be a good idea, please leave your Character's name, and what server you are on, seeing as I'd like to send them another E-mail and hopefully get something done about increasing teleport costs. Please E-mail SE also. If we can get more people to E-mail SE about this, maybe we can change it! Even if you are opposed to this, please respond. I would like to try to understand where you are coming from! :)



This is in reference to the rising teleport costs. As you may, or may not know, teleport costs have been skyrocketing the past few months. Now I have been playing about three months after the North-America release of Final Fantasy XI, and the teleports have been on a steady system ever since then, to the time these problems have begun. For a Teleport-Dem, Teleport-Holla, and Teleport-Mea, the cost was pretty much set in stone as 500g. Teleport-Altep and Teleport-Yhoat were set at 700g, and Teleport-Vahzl set at 1000g. Now I find players, including myself, shouting for sometimes up to twenty minutes for a teleport which is very hard as a player. As of Saturday afternoon, I have seen people shouting for a teleport for 5000g, yet still not getting them. I mean come on, does that not seem a bit ridiculous? I understand that the White Mages that teleport have control of the price, and that they also need Gil, but 5000g for one teleport is just being greedy. If one was to teleport people at 5000g, and he was to teleport 30 people easily within an hour, one could make 150,000g in an hour. That is faster than any farming I am capable of. Also, many players farm together. White mages also can farm with a friend. Teleporting is NOT their only source of income, which is why I feel, and many others feel that these costs are just ridiculous, and over-priced. Now onto my suggestion: I think that NPCs with the ability to Teleport should be installed. They would be like the chocobo stables NPCs, but rather than them telling you how much Gil the chocobo is, they would ask you what teleport you wanted, and how much that one costs. For the three standard teleports (Teleport-Dem, Teleport-Holla, and Teleport-Mea), the price would start at something like 500g, and with each use, the cost would rise 10-15g a teleport. For Teleport-Altep, and Teleport-Yhoat, the starting cost would be 700g, and rise 10-15g with each use. Lastly, Teleport-Vahzl should also start at 1000g, and rise 10-15g with each use. After an hour, the prices would return to their starting price. In addition, for something fun, and to encourage the use of these NPCs, you could create some function where when a player receives a teleport, they would automatically roll dice. The person who rolls in the hour closest to 750, or a given number, would receive a small fraction of the amount of Gil that players had spent on the teleports. Something like 5%, or if that is too much maybe just 2%. You can change the numbers and things to what you see fit of course :) It would just be fun for other players. I really hope you will consider this. Even if you modify this somehow, it would be great for the game. In addition, though you probably cannot, please respond with your comments and concerns to this!




                                        Ian Jackson


Also, if you have any friends who are not members of this community, but who play FFXI, please leave me feedback of their opponions as well :)


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Jun. 27th, 2005 @ 12:50 pm
So I don't do this often but . . .

rant ahoy!Collapse )
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Nostalgia Kicked In... May. 24th, 2005 @ 10:04 pm
Man, I totally forgot I was in this group. I suppose I shouldn't be here anymore, considering that during those bleak winter months I decided I couldn't afford the 14 bucks a month and I cancelled my subscription. I really wasn't playing the game enough anymore to shell out that much money every month. I was probably playing 2-4 hours a month at best. I wish I still had my character and everything, but Kailanna's long gone by now. If only the game were cheaper, or in an ideal situation free. I had to pay $60 for the software, isn't that enough? I'd love to play again, but I'm not going to start paying 14 a month again for a game I'm only gonna play sporadically over the summer months and drop again once I get back to college. For all of you who still play, I hope ya'll are having fun :)
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May. 20th, 2005 @ 12:34 am
I'm in complete dire need of a regular World Pass to the Siren server so I can play with some of my friends... they can't buy me one right now, otherwise I would make them do it in a heartbeat (believe you me)!

I'm willing to pay anyone who helps me back in-game as soon as I can... I was wondering if any kind, l337 r0xx0r d3wd (as you most definitely all are!) would be able to help me out? I'd appreciate anything you guys can snag for me a super amount. If anyone can spare a World Pass, I will love you forever. Seriously. I mean it. ♥

Thanks so much, guys! Kick ass and take names... *waits on sidelines* Heheh.

Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 12:25 pm
Happy Birthday FFXI_SIREN!
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It's been a while for me. Jan. 4th, 2005 @ 01:39 am
I didn't get the chance to play much after the harvest festival due to getting mono (which I still have), National Novel Writing Month (November) and a musical I was in. I made up for it over winter break. I always said I would post screen shots so here they are, some are as old as September. There are a lot just so those with dial-up (I'm sorry ^_~) have a warning.

Jocasta: The Dancing White Mage MuleCollapse )

Mayonaka: Ass Kicking Girl With A Nice AssCollapse )

So yeah, what does everyone think of the Moogle vs. Goblin thing?

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Hey Everyone! Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 12:11 am
Hi everyone! I just joined this community, so allow myself to introduce... myself... Hehe yeah here's my game stats:

Name: Kailanna
Race: Mithra
Sex: Female
Allegiance: Bastok
Rank: 3
Jobs: 24 WHM, 18 RDM
Skills: Fishing, Cooking (I forget what lvls I am.. somewhere between 10-16 I think)
Current Area: Qufim (it's so ugly there...)

I don't really play a whole lot since I don't have much time anymore, being in college and all, but if you ever catch me logged in then say hullo! Don't ask me if you can borrow money, though. I'm dirt poor after a baaaad day at the AH... I don't wanna talk about it... :(
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Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 06:54 pm
World pass number for anyone interested:


Should be four slots open!

Play restrictions... Oct. 4th, 2004 @ 09:21 pm

Character Name: Rysu
MAIN Job/Sub Level: WAR 25/MNK
CURRENT Job/Sub Level: RDM 19/WHM
Allegience: Bastok
Rank: 3
Current Residence: Sand O'ria
Current Area: Valkrum Dunes


Hello, I'm back. Well, school's in full force, and so are my play restrictions. People often ask me how I can have the game for more than three months and still be level 25. Well, the answer is simple, I'm not blessed with total control over my life. Sure, I can play a lot, but only on weekends. Let me bolden the text there....only on weekends. Consider this. CoP came out recently and British players entered the fray. Well, yesterday I decided to level RDM so I can use Fire and Sneak. Well, my party had three British players, all whining about the sub-job items like us U.S. players when we were n00bs. MY GOD! CoP ONLY CAME OUT HOW LONG AGO?! O.O I got Kahzam keys only a few days after the release, and the first weekend of U.K. players, and they already need sub-job? o.o I'm so screwed! >< I'm almost level 26, thank God, so I have a bit of a running start coming into my next weekend ><

Fortunatley, light shines through the darkness. If I can land a good report card, I'm clear of all restrictions. Sooner yet, restrictions might be lightened a bit if I get a good progress report, so I can be playing as soon as Wednesday, or I can lose it all entirely. Damn it, it seems that everyone I talk to has no problems with their parents and videogames. And when I went into Gamestop to pick up CoP and they asked my level and such, I told them 25 and my unfortunate plight and they think I'm being abused. They're both level 60 adv. jobs so i can trust almost everything they say about the game (neither on Siren server), and this definatley sounds likeabuse to me. Anyone out there with a similar situation? Hell, anyone on this community still in highschool? o.O Oh well, I used up my recommended rantage space. Seeya at my next post.

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mback Sep. 29th, 2004 @ 05:29 am
yes, just in time for CoP~

I have returned..

Helloooo! Sep. 16th, 2004 @ 01:54 pm
Hey everyone! I'm new, just joined! I guess I'll just intorduce myself. ^^

Name : Sirenia
Race : Female Hume
Nation : San d'Oria
Rank : 5
Jobs : 41WHM, 34BLM, 20RDM, 10BRD, 9THF, 7SMN, 6MNK, 4WAR

Um I guess, if you ever see me in the game just /wave ^^
I love to make new friends!
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Yummy Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 10:38 am
Blech, so I try to play today... and I get slammed with a 3 hour update x-x,,, so now it's almost done after 3+ hours of waiting>_>

Nothing else much new..., I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some good FF communities...

in case you were wondering, this is Fashionablydave(my old LJ), also known in FF as Moopy... I'm lvl 28 or something whm, I don't remember anymore, it's been too longO_o,,
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world pass Sep. 11th, 2004 @ 02:37 pm
does anyone have a world pass code into siren that they are willing to give to me? i would appricate the help.

Question. Sep. 8th, 2004 @ 02:04 am
ScreenshotsCollapse )

I saw this huge group here with tons of people fighting. I had no godly idea what was going on, but people mentioned "Garrison". Anyone know?
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A post that's mild on the bitching... Sep. 7th, 2004 @ 04:41 pm

I only say mild because I know somewhere along the line I'll bitch about something...^^;;


Character Name: Rysu
Nation: Bastok
Rank: 3
Main Job/Level: Warrior 25
Sub Job/Level: Monk 11
Others: RDM 15 WHM 9 BLM 6
Currently in: Jeuno


Well, I can't say I'm not pleased with myself. Raising Warrior from 20 to 25 has taken a lot of pressure off me. When I say pressure, I mean "Weepy-nonlevel-syndrome" as I call it....actually I just made it now. That's when I'd get pissed/angsty about not leveling for a while and how I'll never reach level 30, let alone get a job to 75. Anyway, I'm now looking for someone in my LS to be extremely generous and help me with the Khazam Keys part. I already have one (thank you LS) for Giddeus.

I have given some thought to my first advanced job and I figure Paladin is my main choice (if anyone else has a suggestion for a sword/shield warrior with a higher defense than attack, please tell me and I will send you one hundred gil.....ok, scratch that, I'm poor). I figure I'll grab Bard on the side because I along with a lot of people, love Bards. Of course I'll be going for all of them, but those are the ones I like the most. I ruled out Summoner for a while since I have a tedency to piss away gil easily. Samurai and Ninja (another expensive job) look awesome. One question before I rap up: is Ninja/Samurai or Samurai/Ninja a good job combo?

Ok, that's really just an update if anyone wondered where they bitching kid went. See ya!

Note: I seemed to bitch about not having gil ><

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