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Final Fantasy XI - Siren Server

Final Fantasy XI - Siren Server Players
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Welcome! Here it is, the LiveJournal community dedicated to the players of the Siren Server! If you yourself are a player on the Siren Server (or even if your not!) then you have reached the right place.

Here I hope that people on the Siren Server can meet, interact, form parties, ask for help, give advice and more. Whatever your heart desires.

For questions, e-mail the moderator or contact me on AIM/Yahoo!/ICQ, or just post them here!. If your interested in joining the world of Siren, let me know and I will certainly see about getting you a World Pass. Thanks!

A couple ground rules. Lets all try to be courtious and kind to everyone else. If you have a problem with something or someone, bring it up and talk about it. Thats the only way its going to get resolved.

I would also appreciate if we were to try and stay away from possible "flame wars" they cause nothing but tention and if I have to I will take action.

Our constanly updating roster of players on the siren server can be located here. Check it out!

The file is a .txt in Notepad, so everyone should be able to access it. If you are unable to access it, let me know and I will get you a copy of it!

One of our members, sqtristan, has supplied us with a link to a message board dedicated to Siren players. Its located here, and is called Siren Song. Join up and let the maddness begin!